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Basketball Betting at William Hill

Basketball still scoring three pointers outside of the United States

Despite media coverage, there is much more to basketball than the NBA or NBL. It is also played professionally in Europe and Asia, providing plenty of opportunity for basketball betting online all year round. Notable European Basketball competitions include Pro A (France), Liga ACB (Spain) and BBL (Germany). The regular seasons normally run from October/November to May/June, when the Playoffs take place. There is also a European wide competition – Euroleague – similar to the Champions League in soccer, played alongside the regular season in these leagues. Many of the teams also use the same names as their soccer counterparts – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are all top teams in European Basketball. You can find European Basketball betting odds for a wide range of competitions online now.

Some famous names favourites in the Spanish Liga ACB betting

Just like the world of soccer, Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate the Spanish Basketball League (Liga ACB). The former has 32 Liga ACB titles and also hold the most Euroleague titles (9), a fact which again mirrors the success of their namesake soccer team. Whilst they may not enjoy the exposure of NBA players and teams, Liga ACB is nonetheless bursting with talent. Top players like Rudy Fernández and Gustavo Ayon would not be out of place on the courts in NBA. The 2016 season is well underway, with the Playoffs featuring the top eight teams due to take place in June. Real Madrid and bitter rivals Barcelona are both firmly in the hunt for glory, but could face some tough competition in the form of Valencia and Laboral Kutxa. You can find Spanish Basketball betting 2016 odds here now as the season reaches its climax.

Get 2016 Pro A odds at William Hill Australia

Basketball is also very popular in France where the top league competition boasts a heap of stars. Many current NBA players started their careers in France including Tony Parker and Nicolas Batum. The list of champions is somewhat more varied than its Spanish counterpart, but big seasons are always demanded from the fans of teams like Le Mans, Lyon-Villeurbanne and Limoges. You can also bet on Pro A League online for the regular season and playoffs. Don’t forget to check out all the great betting markets for worldwide basketball leagues available now at William Hill.