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E-Sports betting

E-Sports an online gaming phenomenon

E-Sports have taken the world by storm and continue to sell out arenas across the globe. The best gamers from around the world come together and compete in tournaments, such as the League of Legends World Championship and the World Cyber Games. The players, who often use pseudonyms formed by their player ids, can earn millions of dollars each year. Names like Faker and Fatal1ty may not be known to everyone, but they are famous in the world of electronic gaming. E-Sports betting odds are available for all major events and leagues.

The most popular sport you have never hear of before

Games are normally played in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) format. The most prominent games are DotA 2 (Defense of the Ancients), which features 2 teams of 5 players. The aim of the game is to destroy the other side's fortress, by the use of 'Hero' characters that have special powers.

StarCraft 2 is another MOBA game that dominates the E-Sports scene. In this game, players inhabit a sci-fi world of aliens and spaceships. There are dozens of different levels and missions. Another popular MOBA game is League of Legends (LoL), played by millions online each day. LoL is similar to DotA 2 in that the objective of the game is to destroy the fortress of the opposition. CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) continues to be one of the most popular online games. This first person shooter game draws millions of online players that try kill each other in a virtual arena.

E-sports odds at William Hill

Betting on E-Sports has also increased. The best players are like the best athletes in sports: dedicated, exciting to watch and skillful. The biggest tournaments focus on team play. For example, Dota 2 betting involves betting on teams such as Alliance, Evil Geniuses or Vici Gaming. As is the case in most sports the world of gaming also have their very own World Championships. They feature the top ranked teams from respective leagues across the world and are used to determine who is the world's best. Simply put, E-Sports is the future and is here to stay.