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US Politics

2020 Presidential Election | 2 Markets

Election Betting at William Hill

Election betting: an exciting way to use your political knowhow

Betting on elections and political events has become very popular nowadays. Just like sports, the momentum can change in an instant, lending itself to drama and excitement, as well as an opportunity for punters. The internet has led to more exposure for elections taking place around the world. Events like the Barak Obama US election wins in 2008 and 2012 were avidly followed by those not usually holding an interest in politics. The good news for punters is that when you bet on elections online you can access a variety of markets, not just the outright winner. There are markets for potential election date, individual seats and exact election results.

'The Donald' the ultimate wild card in US political betting

Elections are more unpredictable than polls suggest. The 2015 UK elections confounded the expert pollsters and bookmakers, when David Cameron and the Conservative Party gained a huge outright victory when everything pointed to a Hung Parliament (no majority winner). Similarly, could anyone have predicted the rise of Donald Trump in 2016? Hillary Clinton is the clear favourite to be the next President of the United States, but Trump has been written off before to the embarrassment of many expert political commentators. There could be many twists and turns still to come as the US public make its way to the voting booths this November. US election 2016 betting odds are available online now, including an outright market for the next president.